Wednesday, April 10, 2019

How it All Began


The year was 2005, December, and the event sealed in my mind like it was yesterday.  Santa’s Christmas Theme Park moved into Arizona,  and I love everything Christmas, the lights,  and festivals, live entertainment. Knowing this,  my hubby got me tickets, and off we went.  

The lights were hanging from every conceivable structure,  there were mini bakeries,  Christmas trees,  topiaries, and lights all around and over the walkways.  And each guided me to the next location, a candy store, an elf workshop, part of the Christmas story, and closer to the entertainers there for our amusement. 

I sat to watch a juggler who made me laugh so much,  he'd call to the passersby giving them a hard time for passing through and not stopping. He was so funny,  crowds formed,  and he had great shows. I sat as visible as possible so I could see everything.  

Night after night he performed.  Every show,  each night,  I sat and watched him.  I was in stitches! One night he asked me, why did I keep coming back to see his show?
I said he made me laugh,  and I loved to watch him interact with the audience. 
He is so talented and I love his rola bola.

He got a cup of coffee and sat on the cold benches next to us and told us his story, about how he got started, what he was working on for the future,  and his personal life.  

It was the first time we'd broken that barrier from entertainer to friend.  

Looking back,  I realized that conversation changed our lives completely.  

Every entertainer became a person to us, and every one of their stories became to important to us.  And we have forged more friendships than I can count over the next decade and a half.  

Bobby Besmehn is my first hero of the fair,  and all my stories start with his.

Photo Credit: Bob at Large Facebook


  1. I love seeing how it all began for you guys! I'm so glad you started this blog. I will be a "regular" on here. :)

  2. I've heard really good things about Bobby Besmehn from you and other entertainers. You've come along ways since you first started going to fairs. Now you are the "Fair Groupies."


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How it All Began