Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Riverside County Fair

73rd Annual Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival marks the first fair of the season for us and it is one of my favorite events to attend. They have a great group of strolling acts, and entertainment, and people on stages all day long. You can spend the entire day and watch those shows and see something new throughout the day.

Of course, I loved the magic show, and the pirate show was funny. The bird show was so cute, and then karaoke. I also got to see some live exotic animals as well.

I loved that they moved the shows to the pageant stage for a try, it was a fun middle of the road area to sit and watch. I love all the seating and umbrellas to sit under.

I would love it if there was a lot more focus on the dates, like the chocolate festival we attended, we could try all foods with chocolate somehow infused or added. At the date festival they do have a magnificent date shake to try. MMMM, I got one and so did my friends.

I love seeing the camels and animals around the petting zoo. I got to see adorable cows and goats, I love the bunnies, and even found a few llamas. My favorites are the camels and horses, but I didn’t see any horses this year.

I did get to ride on the free train a few times around the fair, I love that train taking you from the food vendors to the rides, it was such a relaxing ride and so much fun listening to the music bands along the way.

I also got some coffee and a Chili Verde Bowl for lunch it is delicious and made hot and fresh, Rose’s has some of the best food on the whole fair grounds.

Another thing I love about this fair are the vendors, they have tons of great things to buy and one of the best place to find quality and fun items that are hard to find elsewhere, so this Is one of my favorite gift shopping experiences.

The rides are always a blast, the Carnival added a new ride, the Mega Flip from Holland. I love a good swinging ride with twists and turns all over the place. The children rides are in another area, I like it when a fair separates the two sections of rides, the kids always know what they are the right height for, and can ride easily and all day long.

There is a lot of seating for eating and resting. There are a lot of places to look around and see the arts, quilts, photos, fine art paintings, hobbies and student art. The 4-H kids had their animals in yet another building.

This is in Riverside, CA. And if you can go, try to park in the back, it is a lot easier to get out of after an amazing concert lets out, you can go left to town or right to the neighborhood and still get to your destination a lot easier.

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