Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Elmore County Fair 2020

Arriving at the Elmore County Fairgrounds, we were greeted by a couple of gentlemen that took our parking money and gave us a parking slip for the dashboard. We got to park ourselves and we headed onto the fairgrounds. We parked ourselves last year as well, I find that quite handy as we don't like to park on top of our neighbor in an effort to save space.
We knew in advance that the carnival wasn’t going to be there as their Facebook is really up to date and they let us know with a generous refund offer. I was glad that they were able to do that for the families that paid in advance.
We walked around seeing vendors with their wares and their food items. They had a lot of seating and covered seating as well, which I would love to see more of at other fairs, it was a pretty warm day and the shade was a nice gesture on the fair's part. Near the outdoor seating, they had a children’s area with the roping, and play tables, other children activities geared to the youngsters.
 I really love to see the 4H projects, isn't Stella adorable? It is so much fun to read about these kids and their 4H animals, Stella made the biggest impression on me this year.

The exhibit building had beautiful quilts, artwork, photography and jellies. I really wanted to eat the carrot cake which looked really delicious. I asked one time if I could ever be a tasting judge, and the ladies chuckled and said  "You might not want to be a tasting judge..  For all the blue ribbons you do see, there are that many more that didn't make the cut at all, and we had to eat that food too."

Do you believe the size of that zucchini? Just how many loaves of bread would that make? I am guessing four at least! I'd eat it!
My Covid Notes: I was expecting to see people wearing masks as it is July 2020 and we are still well into the pandemic, but to be honest, it was just Brian, a teen, a guest and myself wearing them, and as a result of that we didn’t stay as long at the fair as we normally would have.

In fact we didn’t eat or buy anything from the vendors as they were not wearing the masks either, so it did change our visit quite a bit, and that was disappointing after traveling as far as we did, and yet, they are in a no mask county so they were within their rights not to wear them. So as a personal choice we left the fairgrounds but we were grateful to go to a fair again after this whole outbreak, as it had been four months since our last fair.


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