Wednesday, April 17, 2019

These are a few of my Favorite Things

My Favorite Ride :
OMG! So many flips, turns and height, I went on it 5 times so much fun! 
Arizona State Fair Phoenix, AZ

My Favorite Parking: (yes I said Parking) 
Lane County Fair Eugene, OR
The Sheriff parked us on Horseback! 

My Favorite New Event I've recently seen: 
Rural Rodeo 
Antelope Valley Fair Lancaster, CA

My Favorite Theme Fair: 
San Diego County Fair
San Diego, CA

My Favorite Concert: 
KC and the Sunshine Band
Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival, CA

My Favorite Exhibit (Judged): 
3D printed art and the drawings the students used as blueprints to their 3D pieces
Colorado River Fair Blythe, CA

My Favorite Fair APP: 
YAPP for android and iphone
California Mid-Winter Fair and Fiesta Imperial, CA 

My Favorite Fair Food: 
Afogado (coffee infused ice cream) 
Arizona State Fair Phoenix, AZ

My Favorite Fair Drink: 
Jalapeño Lemonade 
Yuma County Fair Yuma, AZ

My Favorite Hobbies & Crafts Division:
Did you Nail It or Fail it?
Silver Dollar Fair Chico, California

My Favorite Animals: 
The Draft Horses
Washington County Fair Hillsboro, OR

The Funniest Thing I ever saw:
A steer standing up in a Cadillac that had been cut out and driven down the Midway 
Maricopa County Fair Phoenix, AZ

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