Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Pickle Icee


I love dill pickles.
I am good friends with the owners of Pony Espresso coffee shop at the fairgrounds. This is a great combination because Silas knows just how much I love jumbo dill pickles and so he said, "Bring me a jumbo dill pickle and some pickle juice, and I'll make you a homemade pickle drink." 

Now that's a friend!! 

I went over to a nearby vendor, got my pickle and juice, they were so cool to help me. I went back to Silas beaming with anticipation. 

Okay, don't get too grossed out, it wasn't milk,  or cream related,  it was ice, pickle juice, and a dill pickle combined. But it was as smooth as a  smoothie and there were little bits of pickle in each sip.

What a treat!! And he made it before it was a thing.
(Sorry Sonic, my friends beat you to it)

It is a tad salty and perfect for a hot summer day, and I was thrilled to be able to say I was the first to have one, and only one I am aware of on the fairgrounds.

I think it needs to be a regular fair thing. 
Don't you agree?

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