Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Scavenger hunts

I really love it when a fair will have a scavenger hunt. 

I like that they know what I would like to see. Of course there are foods, concerts and rides, but the scavenger hunt gives additional ideas, things to go see, you might not even know are at the fair. 

The railroad and models area, your favorite school exhibit, something healthy to eat, mini donuts, baby pigs, hay stacking competition. 
Quilts, wood makers tooling out tops and toys, and even the rock and mineral exhibits. I love that they have dark rooms so we can see rocks glowing in the dark, that is a real thing!

The list of what you can see at the fair is endless. 
Some scavenger hunts show the entertainment or 4-H projects. 
Some hunts are booths around the fair. 

I think that having the scavenger hunt gives you a fun way to explore the fair. 
Plus you will be more likely to find people and places you didn't know were there, like the Lego competition, the soup competition, and even how to make your own flour tortillas. 

Sometimes the fair web pages have them ready to print out and you can take them with you. 
Some of the fairs offer prizes as an incentive, while others just say go explore and have fun. 
One hunt I really think is a lot of fun is the Selfie Challenge The North Carolina State fair offered.  We are already taking selfies, what a fun way to save the memories you are currently making. 


Fairs are always trying to get you to see more and more each year, there are magicians, jugglers, singers, dancers, 4-H animals, auctions, competitions, parades, and a variety of vendors. There is so much to do and see, I hope this inspires you to go try to do a scavenger hunt of your own, or create one for you and the family.
Use your imagination. 

Here are some scavenger hunts to print out as well. 

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