Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Unsung Hero - Jorge

There was a very quiet sweet man that was working on a small silver object in front of himself. 
His only tools were a razor-thin saw and a lamp. I liked watching him work.
We did find out that his name is Jorge, though I know little more as we had a language barrier. I wished I was more fluent in Spanish so we could really talk. 
Jorge would take his saw and carefully carve out the name we requested in the silver ring, or gold, we had a choice, and he would put the name or word into the metal ring, bracelet, or key we'd chosen. He would work with a huge smile and an attention to detail. 
I got several family names and my own, Grandma's of course, my last name, and even my first published book "Godfrey Comedy Magic Show Activity Book". I chose silver rings and carry them as my key ring everywhere I go. I like to think of Jorge when I carry them, he’d wave and tell us to have a good day. I know he enjoyed to laugh, and was friends with other vendors, he could talk to them easily.
I haven't seen him in over a year and this makes me wish I could have talked to him so much more, I do know that his wife often times would travel with him from show to show, and I know that he enjoyed her company a lot.
I hope to see him down the road.

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