Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Ghost Pepper Ice Cream

I love all things spicy and hot.  I like to add spice to my food,  my coffee and my candy.  
And I'll accept any challenge to try hot spicy foods, especially at the fair because they come up with the most novel ideas you never see anywhere else. 

So when I saw the sign for Ghost Pepper Ice Cream,  I knew I had to try it.  

Godfrey,  who also loves hot spicy food,  also wanted to try it,  so off we went to get a bowl.  

My first red flag should have been the age limit sign.  You had to be 21 or older to purchase it... check!

The bowl they gave me was mighty small considering the price,  I chalked it up to being a new fair food... Red flag number two.

They looked at me funny when I asked for three spoons, there were barely three bites of ice cream in the bowl.  Red flag number three. 

We all filled our spoons,  then took a bite.  My mouth was instantly on fire!! It was so hot in fact, that my brain no longer registered that it was cold ice cream.  My forehead broke into a sweat.  

 Suddenly I was glad the bowl was tiny,  we couldn't finish.  That was to date,  the hottest food I've ever tried.  Bucket list..... check.  
I'll never eat it again.  
But it's one of our favorite stories to tell,  it makes is laugh every single time. 

And that alone makes the experience worth every penny. 


  1. This is Godfrey and it was very hot. The funniest was that Brian who does not eat hot food and a bigger bite than we did.


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