Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Fazackerley’s Fudge & Candy

Rodney has been making fudge for decades. He makes the fudge on site, and it is fascinating to watch him make the different flavors. The big copper bowl full of the confectioners delight and makes my mouth water. When he stirs the sugar to the perfect melting temperature, the candy is ready. Then he slowly pours it onto the marble slab and then it needs more stirring, back and forth with the paddle. He'll go in circles and then fold it into itself. When he pours it into the wooden molds you know it is ready to set. 

I like to try as many flavors as possible.  
Bucket list!! This is all I had left from my Jalapeno fudge when I thought to take the photo! That is my favorite, while my mom loves his black licorice the best.

If you'd like to try some,  here are his current flavors. 

Amaretto, Chocolate Macaroon, Cookies and Cream, Black Forest, Vanilla, Chocolate Carmel, Peanut Butter,  Chocolate Peanut Butter,  Rocky Road, Chocolate Raspberry,  Chocolate Mint, Nevada Sand, Maple Nut, Maple, Double Chocolate,  Mississippi Mud, and Chocolate.

He also has Nut Rolls, Cinnamon Candy Apples, Blue Raspberry Candy Apples, Carmel, Sprinkles, Chocolate Chip Cookie Candy Apples and M&M covered Candy Apples, and Cherry Candy Apples.

Popcorn and Cotton Candy. 

Fazackerley's Fudge & Candy
Candy Maker
Pahrump, Nevada

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