Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Godfrey the Magician


The first thing I look for in the fair program are magic shows.

I love all things magical; coins,  cards,  ropes,  magic wands,  rabbits, top hats, things appearing,  things disappearing, levitation, swords in a box,  swords in a basket, cups and balls, you name it, I want to see it. 

I love magic shows!

I will also look for an illusionist, a mentalist, or anyone performing sleight of hand. 
Don't tell me how it's done!!
I don't want to know.  

I like to believe in magic. I like to believe in rainbows and unicorns too. #dontjudgeme

It's so much fun to watch the audiences  look astonished wondering how the magic happened.  I like to be in awe as well. And I will return to a magic show as many times as possible, not to figure it out, but to just enjoy the suspended belief. 

However, Godfrey is my favorite magician, and he changes his magic all the time. I love to watch his coin magic, and his card magic so much. He makes up magic on the spot constantly. I love it when I take a card and stick it back in the deck, and he pulls it out of his pocket or out of his hat. Just like that! He carries his magic in his pockets and can pull out 10 different magical moments in a matter of minutes. The banana illusion is so much fun! I love his dice magic and ring on stick. The stick is clear, he makes the magical mystical X out of the cord, and poof, the ring is gone! But is it?


His super duper card trick makes everyone so surprised that they forget to applause. No really! Their mouths are open and they shake their heads, how is that even done? 

I love to see his jawbreaker balls for the candy magic show, that is one of my most favorite routines to date, next to Misers Dream. That's another thing, he changes his magic for the themes of each of the fairs, he can do magic for outer space or the Wizard of OZ!

My favorite part of Godfrey's magic, is when the tiny little kids come up to be in the show, and he will stop everything and do magic just for them, and he will get down to their level, even if it means sitting on the floor. He shows them as much respect as he would a fair manager. His show is family friendly and is funny as I'll get out. 
I really love magic, and Godfrey makes it so believable for me.


Godfrey at the Mid-winter County Fair 2019
Godfrey at the California Strawberry Festival 2019
Godfrey Strolling at the Mid-winter County Fair 2019


  1. Thanks for the wonderful compliments about my magic show. I like making up magic and performing for people. Any age. I don't care. As long as they are having fun.

  2. He sounds awesome! Hopefully one day I'll get to him perform!

  3. Godfrey, you are AWESOME! My jaw drops every time I see your magic. I'm like - "how the heck did he do that?!?!?!!"


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