Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Brandon Keiffer's Trains

Brandon works as a train engineer and he is a great asset to the fairs in many ways. 

His train will pick you up in a location, often at the front of the fair, and he will take you through to another destination on the grounds all the while telling you about shows and events, as well as vendors foods to try or buy. 

His train has a speaker system allowing him to drive and talk, and each car has their speaker to hear his descriptions, and he gives you ideas about where to go when you get off the train. His train signs are so cute with their little RR Crossing, and it is easy for the kids and adults to see and line up for at each location. 

His rides are free, compliments of the fair. Isn't that great? 
His rides are family friendly, and the little doors have a small chain to secure you inside, it isn't a fast ride, so you can relax and see the things you might just walk past. 
I also love that the vendors will wave back when you reach out to them. 
We got to see a lot of smiling faces. 

I loved having him as a guide, I finally found my favorite ice cream vendor on one of the trips around the fair. 
I have been on his train a few times, and would enjoy going back on the next time I see him. 

You should try and find him too, he has a great service to tired little feet at the end of the day. 

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