Friday, May 17, 2019

Magic: Shawn Eric


Speaking of magic,  have you seen Shawn Eric's magic and coins?? He does an awesome version of T. Nelson Downs coin star. 

He has a great routine with a lemon.  
Actually a couple of routines.  
I especially love a great shell game.

What I really love about Shawn Eric's magic is his cards,  oh my word!! He has baseball magic with cards that you have to see. I mean that sincerely. 

Shawn Eric does a street show as smooth as I have ever seen.  He draws you in with his stories and keeps you at the magic table for a long time hoping for more magic. 

On the stage he brings his volunteers up and makes them feel immediately comfortable. He'll have you thinking one thing is going to happen,  and then you'll see another magical moment all at once. 

I have seen Shawn Eric perform at several fairs,  he'll be doing the Silver Dollar Fair soon too. 

If you can't travel, you can see him at the Rustlers Rooste doing his magic!!

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  1. Shawn is great! We joke that we are the two only people that do the T. Nelson Down's Star in both hands. We are both lived in Phoenix.


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