Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Chef Ray L Duey

Chef Ray Duey is an excellent fruit and veggie sculptor.
He has a fun approach to designing the different foods he has prepared on the table at the fairs by carving to music and talking to the guests as they stand by and watch, or stop to marvel at all of the pieces he has in the refrigerator next to him in his booth.

I have seen creations
  • Star Wars characters and ships.
  • Intricate designs.
  • Parrots made from various vegetables.
  • Flowers he makes for us to wear in our hair, I got two of those over the years one was made from a beet the other was from a turnip!

I also got to watch him carve floral arrangements out of all sorts of foods, as he did a demonstration at the kitchen in the Arizona State Fair. 

He even had a volunteer come up and learn how to make several of the cuts in a potato making it look beautiful and like a centerpiece, not just a food dish.

I got to be a volunteer this year at the Arizona State Fair and cut out a flower from a turnip. I loved using the tools and making my own creation, it was easy to understand and fun to go home with something I had made. 

I like it when he puts a light behind a cantaloupe or a musk melon, the design just glows. It is amazing what he can sculpt out of food and with just a few tools. He has a video tutorial, and you can see his gallery of amazing designs here.

He's going to be at the San Diego County fair this summer 2019, maybe you can stop by and see him work.

Chef Ray is a master chef, and has also worked with chocolate, ice, and sugar. 


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