Thursday, June 13, 2019

San Diego County Fair 2019

Walking into the San Diego County Fair is always an experience of it's own. It's one of the only fairs I know that has ten lines for entering the fair,  and so many Elite security checkers,  that you can enter really quickly. There are a couple of stroller lines as well, making the families entry smooth as possible and smoothly as well. 

The Front Gate is always a masterpiece.  It is filled with the theme of the fair and a great place, front and back, for selfies and photos to remember your experience. This year is the Wizard of Oz L. Frank Baum books and the vintage drawings and Emerald city are grand and beautiful. 

I really love opening ceremonies! 
On the west coast, this is the only fair to my knowledge that has opening ceremonies. They have Tom the Announcer, at the gate in front of you, reading off the daily events from contests, shows, concerts and things to see and do. 
And a fun fact of the day!

Then they have everyone take off their hats and someone will come and sing the National Anthem. 
The boy's and girl scout troops raise the American Flag and the California flag. We listen to them sing and then we all cheer and clap and whistle afterwards, it is so patriotic. 
Then gates open and we pour into the fairgrounds. 
What a sight!! 

I will be there in two weeks... and I will take photos of what I see and share them here with you. 

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