Monday, June 24, 2019

San Diego County Fair Gift Shops

I returned San Diego County Fair this last weekend and I have to talk about their Gift Shops. They are by far the best in all of the western fairs,in my humble opinion, as they have a big assortment of fun items based on the current theme. 


When you walk into the front gate, you can go to the gift shop immediately or, on exiting you can go there to end your day.
And because they are always selling really neat things that either go with the fair or the theme, you can find so many souvenirs and collectibles and show off your visit, and for really great prices.

This year the theme is the Wizard of Oz.
They have the cutest t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories for the theme.
When you go into the building dubbed "The Theme Building" there is another little store in there for souvenirs, I saw shot glasses, mugs, hats, magic wands and collectible pins.



A lot of us collect the pins from year to year, they are so much fun to wear and talk about, we wear them on a lanyard so we can show off the different themes we have been able to attend.


There is a main gift shop in the center of the fair, and it's my favorite shop because it is full of every color of hoodie on the planet, or nearly so, and in San Diego, you can wear a hoodie almost year around, the fairgrounds are just off the ocean and that beautiful air blows in on the fairgrounds, and a nice new hoodie is perfect for chilly evenings.



If you have little kiddos with you there is a gift shop in the outfield as well, and the little kids can get a little long sleeved outfit there too, in case you forgot one at home, they have thought of everything!
It is one of my most favorite part of this fair, and I have pictures to show you so you can see how cool it is as well.

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