Thursday, August 8, 2019

Learning from the 4-H kids

The 4-H kids always have interesting information that they learn and share, and  I love seeing their  displays and neat bits of information that I didn't know anything about.


I have cut so many strawberries in half and diced them seeing all these parts without really thinking about what the names of each section would be, so this poster peaked my interest.


Here is another little gem, Different breeds of Alpacas. Again, I learned something new, and I get to see a lot of alpacas at the fairs and in the zoo, so I really enjoyed reading about these animals. I like knowing how to identify each species as I see them in different venues.


And how about this poster? I love the personal touch, with the picture of the chicken's owner and the chicken's home - that is terrific. You can appreciate the time and love that the kids have with their prize animals, and see how much work they put into caring for them.


The 4-H building is full of projects in wood, textiles, painting, and raising animals. The 4-H kids share their experiences and I will keep looking for these projects to post int he future. I hope you'll visit a 4-H building as well. 

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