Thursday, October 24, 2019

James Reid - Juggler


James Reid has a wonderfully technically beautiful routine with the rings and balls he juggles with and it is really fun to watch. The balls float in and out of the rings as he is juggling. I watched mesmerized, and waited for him to do the same routine again, unfortunately for me it was too windy for the rings, so I only got to see it one time. Fortunately for me he had a lot more juggling he performed for the Yuma County fair.

There was one juggling routine that he did with bowling pins and a bowling ball. (And a rubber chicken) uuuuu!

Another routine he allowed us to pick three of six DANGEROUS weapons.

A Sassy Sickle
An Annoying Axe
A Dangerous Saw
A Brutal Butcher’s knife
The Lost Dutchman’s "actual" pick
And the Sharp Sword
I liked the Sassy Sickle the best. =)


He also juggles Sports equipment.
Football helmet
Golf club
Baseball Bat
Tennis Racket
Bowling Ball
Soccer Ball

I loved his show, his night show was the coolest.

He had glowing juggling balls and a glowing diabolo.


He juggles FIRE!! With a fire axe. Awesome!


I recently got to visit him at two Library events in Arizona, at Winslow and in Peoria, he helps promote reading.


It was fun to catch his space show, he had a yo-yo routine and glowing routines as the sun set and the stage grew dark. I liked seeing the new juggling, he has so many different routines with music and without.


Oh did I mention that he is a DJ too? So he had a ton of great before show and after show music.

That was a lot of fun at the library events especially. 

Check out his Facebook for his tour dates and videos. 

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  1. I like James a lot also. He is a very good juggler and has an entertaining show.


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