Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Riverside County Fair 2020 Part 2


I was really hoping that I would see more vendors selling dates since it is the Riverside County Fair and DATE Festival, and they didn't disappoint at all. I found vendors with the delicious treats such as date sundae's, date shakes, and even date Kebob's.
It was fun seeing so many options this year, and it seems to be tripled from the past years, and made this unique fair that much more enjoyable, let's face it we got to eat, right?


Thos date shakes were ours, and the bits of dates on the top were especially delicious and a fun crunch to the super smooth date shake inside. 


Here are a few of our faviritoe games to play and to watch, this is the only fair I know that has the glass pitch, you toss quarters into the different glassware, jars and glasses and you win that prize! we got matching Bubba Gump glassware with a few smaller glasses, amber and blue in color. 

I am a ride freak, I love to ride the rides at the fairs, and the roller-coasters and the swings, and even the boats that swing back and forth, I am willing to try a lot of the rides the Zipper and the Tango, Ferris wheels, all of them. I try to go on a bracelet day so I can go on as many rides as possible, to date, I have been able to ride a total of 19 rides in a day. 


This is their pageant stage, they have a huge show in the evening and also a huge concert, this is the concert stage as well. We stayed for Chris Janson and got to hear him sing, that was a great show.


What a great visit, I really can't wait to come back next year!
Thank you Riverside County Fair

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